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i) Brief Content of the scheme:
The main aim of the FFDA is to develop Inland pisciculture in the light of modern technology, imparting training to the fishermen to adopt scientific pisciculture and assist them to avail institutional finance for excavation/renovation and release of subsidy as per the norms of Government of India.

ii) Incentive package available to prospective entrepreneurs:


Description of the Units

Unit Cost



Construction of new ponds in the beneficiaries own land with proper screened inlet & outlet & shallow tube well.

Rs. 2.30 lakhs per ha.

Rs. 40,000/- to Gen. Rs. 50,000/- to SC& ST


1st year Input (Fish seed, feed, fertilizers, manure & preventive measures for fish disease EUS).

Rs 0.30 lakhs/ ha.

Rs. 6,000/- to GEN Rs. 7,500/- to SC &ST


Integrated fish farming with Fresh Water prawn, piggery, poultry, duckery & horticulture.

Rs. 0.80 lakhs/ha.

Rs. 16,000/- to Gen Rs. 20,000/- to SC & ST


Aerators & pumps. (Additional assistance to beneficiaries at Sl. No. 1)

Rs. 0,50 lakhs/ unit of two 1 H.P. diesel pump.

Rs. 12,500/- (who have attended a level of production of 3,000 Kg. /ha./ Year & to raise further)

iii) Other support (Training):

FFDAs undertake: -

a) Training of fish farmers on scientific fish farming.
b) Awareness in recent advances on fish farming.
c) Information on availability of quality seed.
d) Laboratory support for soil & water quality testing Nutritional requirements and support for disease control.
e) Provides Exposure visit of fish farmers to local successful fish farms, to Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture Kausalyagang and
     moderate fish farmers of neighbouring states.

iv) Eligibility of candidates:

a) All interested farmers (both BPL & APL) / educated unemployed youths are eligible to get assistance.
b) The beneficiaries should have clear Record of Rights (ROR) on the proposed project land.
c) Having capacity to provide margin money & mortgage required by financing bank.
d) Should not be a defaulter to any kind of loan.

v) Application format:
Printed, prescribed application formats are available with Fishery Extension Officers of all blocks as well as District Level Fisheries Offices of the State.

vi) a) Procedure for submission of application:
The Fish Farmer/ educated unemployed youth interested for pisciculture will have to approach with the Fisheries extension Officer (FEO) of his/ her block alongwith land schedule, ROR documents and bank willingness for financing.

After receipt of above documents and verification of proposed land alongwith the Bank representative the F.E.O. will have to prepare project proposal in the prescribed format and submit the same alongwith connected documents to his Dist. Level Fisheries officer-cum-C.E.O., FFDA for such processing, the beneficiary has to pay User Fees (@ 0.5% of project cost up to 5.00 ha and @ 1% above 500.00 ha. ) to concerned FFDA.

After receipt of the project the same has to be scrutinized by FFDA technical committee consisting J.F.O. Area D.S.F. and J.E. If required the committee may visit the proposed site and examine the feasibility of the project.

Being satisfied with all supported documents and physical verification the application will be sponsored to the bank who have rendered their willingness for finance.

vii) Release of subsidy assistance:
The FFDAs are releasing subsidy as per approved norm in favour of the beneficiaries through cheque only to the concerned bank for adjustment against the loan sanctioned (Subsidy limited up to 5.00 ha. development of a project) after receipt of Utilization certificate from concerned Fisheries Extension Officer and claim report of bank.


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